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The virtual rope is imperative but the balance beam is in your hands , looking down would reveal just a virtual fog so just look ahead into the dynamics of the digital world and walk straight into SWide. For here, we strike the balance between Career and Family, Skill and Opportunity, Responsibility and Authority, Productivity and Reward for our team culminating in Cost and Value for our customers. At SWide we have a vision of what we would like to achieve in this digital world. We would like to balance your career with family, which is most expected in this dynamic market. We are looking for talented, learnable individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel!. Towards this objective, SWide participates in campus recruitment programs from the begining. Apart from campus recruitments, SWide also conducts frequent walk-ins at its office premises for talented professionals. SWide also hires resources from the market based on their needs. SWide believes that the success and effective work environment is based on what you achieve and not what the company achieves. We provide most of the facilities for our team to build their own career with less stress. Please send in your latest resume to in MS-Word format along with duly filled application form.

Our Technology - Our Trends

MS-SQL Server
Visual C++ /ATL/COM

Our Technology - Our Trends

Java Swing